Valley Jr. Warriors
Collegiate Prospects Combine Fall 2019

We are now three weeks into our fall combine with CPC! Our model is focused on player development and improving players overall game – including individual skills and team concepts.

During our skills sessions, players have worked a lot on skating techniques and weight shift. Players have gone through various skating drills to improve on edge control, stride, puck protection and shooting.

Throughout the sessions, players are split up by position to work on very specific skills.

The focus for the forwards so far has been on:

  • Skating and weight shift
  • Puck protection in all areas of the ice
  • Attacking the net from low out of the corners
  • Driving the net on offensive zone entries
  • Defensive breakout patterns
  • Neutral zone patterns into offensive zone entries
  • Timing and spacing with and without the puck
  • Puck collections and retrievals

The focus for the defense has been on:

  • Skating and weight shift
  • Puck protections in all areas of the ice
  • Defensive breakout patterns
  • One on one battles in the corner
  • Body positioning and creating time and space with and without the puck
  • Puck collections in the defensive zone
  • Awareness, spacing and timing with and without the puck
  • Neutral zone regroups into offensive zone entries

After their development sessions, players then work on learned and improved skills in our intra-squad games. Players have the ability to then try skills they have learned in game situations. As coaches, we are looking for skills to game transfers. Without the pressure of executing and making mistakes, players have been playing very competitive and fast paced hockey games.

In between players on – ice sessions, they have also been working out with the Institute of Performance and Fitness. These off-ice sessions include stretching, building strength and learning about how to become a better athlete overall.

In our first three weeks, we have had many college coaches in the building to evaluate our players and learn more about our skills program.